T-Max 3W G2 Remote Timer - 10 min - Wireless Compatible
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T-Max 3W G2 Remote Timer - 10 min - Wireless Compatible

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Product Description: The T-Max 3W G2 can operate as a stand-alone timer or be controlled from the front desk. Up, Down, and Start/Stop buttons allow for easy control of your tanning bed. Terminals that screw down provide flexible and easy wire connections. Comes with a 50' communication cable for wired connection. All parameters, such as lamp hours, session counts, bed hours, etc. can be accessed and changed right on the T-Max 3W G2. All these features provide an easy to install and inexpensive way to control a tanning bed from the front desk of your salon. Up to eight T-Max Manager Pro and/or T-Max Manager G2s can be connected to a single salon. The T-Max 3W G2 is also wireless ready. It can connect to a G2 Access Point (sold seperately) to communicate throughout your tanning salon without the need to run cables throughout your salon. The T-Max 3W G2 can be used as an independent timer, or can be used as the front desk to control another T-Max timer in the tanning room for remote single bed control. The T-Max 3W G2 at the front desk will control the T-Max timer in the room; whether it's another T-Max 3W G2 or a T-Max certified timer in the tanning bed.

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