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With proper head and neck support locations in key muscle areas, you'll be able to tan longer and more comfortably allowing you to get the most out of every session! Never before has tanning been so relaxing, even while laying for extended periods of time in the same position.

Most ordinary tanning bed pillows are stFfed with an open cell foam (porous foam), wrapped in a thin plastic cover and then stitched together. This manFacturing process allows the absorption of body oils, sweat and tanning products right through the seams of the stitching. The same unsanitary concerns are an issue even with self-skinning urethane pillows. Once UV rays attack and break down the outer skin of the urethane, the pillow begins to crack, allowing moisture absorption. Once this occurs, the bacteria and mildew begin to grow.

With Aqua-Cell's zero moisture absorption properties and custom molded design, such sanitary issues are virtually eliminated.

Features and Benefits

  • Made in the USA, Aqua-Cell pillows feature numerous benefits that other manFacturers simply can't provide.

State of the art design.
Aqua-Cell" tanning bed pillows are custom molded, not die cut, resulting in a smooth, attractive, finished look every time! By design, Aqua-Cell" pillows have eliminated the common slipping and movement problem associated with vinyl covered and urethane surfaced pillows. Aqua-Cell" pillows have an integrated, raised textured, non-slip bottom surface to ensure precise positioning control for total comfort.

Aqua-Cell" pillows are unaffected and will not allow the penetration of: perspiration, body oils, tanning lotions or ultra-violet rays. Where most others fail, Aqua-Cell" tanning bed pillows prevail.

Incredibly Comfortable.
Incredibly comfortable. Aqua-Cell" foam is non-abrasive, has a soft luxurious feel and will not cause skin irritation problems.

Brilliant Colors.
Aqua-Cell" pillows are manFactured in a wide variety of vivid colors, making them attractive and versatile for many applications. Not painted or dripped, Aqua-Cell" color penetrates throughout the product and will not "chip" or "peel".

Easy To Clean.
Aqua-Cell" foam will not allow the build up of bacteria and mildew, a typical problem with ordinary tanning bed pillows. Simply wipe clean.

Non-slip bottom surface for precise positioning.

Repels moisture, simply wipe clean.
Soft & incredibly comfortable preventing irritation to skin.

Overall Size:

7 1/4" X 4 3/4"

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